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Drawn and Drafted has teamed up with Julie Baroh of Krab Jab Studio Gallery to bring you a new Bootcamp PDF that will be your one-stop resource to help you break in and stay in the gallery world.

With this PDF, you’ll be able to:

  • Find the right gallery that matches your unique voice.
  • Submit to galleries with confidence and make a great first impression.
  • Price your work accordingly and create rewarding relationships.
  • Navigate gallery contracts and set realistic expectations.
  • Attend worry-free when the gallery show opens, because you planned ahead.

Free download for an undetermined but limited time!
(it's late and we're haven't decided how long yet)

ONE tool every viral project uses


We've worked with countless artists developing their creative projects. From Patreons to 80k Kickstarters. There is ONE strategy that professionals always use to boost their projects to success.

(Ok, we'll be honest, there are lots of tools, this is one. But this is one that every project uses)


As Art Directors we breathe a deep sigh of relief when we see a clean, well organized website that focuses on the art. For years now we have pointed people to Squarespace as the place to do this. In fact, you're looking at a Squarespace site right now.

No coding, clean templates, and it takes just minutes to go live with something worth looking at.

Click the button to claim your 10% discount and get our FREE VIDEO showing you step by step how to set up your portfolio in literally minutes.

Drawn + Drafted has been giving their Art Business Bootcamps live at conventions and events for the last 2 years. Finally, after countless requests, we are adapting them for an online audience.

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